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Testimonial for Stylemaster “Twistmaster” hairstyling tool 

It is very creative. As a stylist I like the concept of not using your hands & fingers as much ad the time I would save on updos.

- Sandra Medez, San Diego, CA

I like this because it will make updos easier to make.

- Loryn Gaml, San Jose, CA

This product/ tool is so easy to handle, amazing!

- Richar Ezord, Fresno, CA

Love it! so much easier than doing it with dryers.

- Kathy, Kingston, CA

I like this because it is efficient and very easy to use. Also because it is a no heat tool.

-Amanda Hemeon, San Jose, CA

It is very easy to handle. Simple but with last. With no heat, so it dosen't damage the hair.

Sabine Roiss, Wels, Austria

Love the fact no heat and a lot of different technique to use this product an affordable

-Micheal M. Venegas, Torrance, CA

Very inventive! New cool tool, fast easy to use- gives you control

-Ahou M, Los Angeles, CA

Very good tools, Nice updo

- Elida Roso, Rowland, CA

This tool is amazing! Sat at his booth for a long time playing around with different styles. Gave a fu "twist" to up-dos. Can't wait to bring it home and play around :)

- Cassondra, Karyn, Amanda, & Trina, Brentwood, CA

I got this 2 years ago and I love it. Very good and fast to do up-dos! Thanks!

- Maria Orozco, Gardena, CA

I just tried the first time. I like it, I think its very good and more faster when i do updos. Thanks

- Annie Le, Rosement, CA

Brilliant. Very smart tool. Takes the hard part out of styling. Great tool!

-Martha Sanchez, Santa Ana, CA

Takes the workout out of sets, in minutes they have a beautiful style!

- Jovan H, Northridge, CA

Great, easy to use, and quick

-Dawne Goron, Los Angles, C

Wonderfully simple! Easy on the hands & wrists.

-Lisa Whear, Gardnerville, NV

I had fu creating different styles and it was easy to figure out. I will be using this tool in ballroom dancing.

-Monica Brode, Santa Ana, CA

- Sandra Kelly, Lomita, CA

The best thing ive see i hair dressing industry in a long time. It will save the hard work for your hands because they cramp.

- Tina Cook, Lomita. CA

An interesting new concept that makes it easy to do up dos. Pincurl part very reasonable. Fun & easy.

- Kevin Moshiar, Brentwood, CA

Fantastic tool to create endless artistic hair styles! I will use this for my future hair designs.

- Jackie Phillips, Corona, CA

It look simple to do and fun.

- Nanly, Laguna, Miguel, CA

This looks really fun and versitile

- Daniele, Santa Clarita, CALove, love, love it!

Easy to use & the creations are limited only by your creativity. - Customer Name, Position, Company

I Love It! It Makes Beautiful Styles!

Nicole Hill - Santa Cruz, CA

Pin-curls in a hurry! Love it

Blaire Tyers-Calagary, AB Canada 

Product is very unique and looks easy and fun to use.

Carmela Antal - Gilroy, CA

Este Instrumento es Fantastico y manejable Puedes hacer tus propios peinados que solo en el salon de belleza hacen.

Animate en usarlo es muy practico me encanta !!

Vanessa Pereda - Burlingame, CA

I love the product so much it's convinient for everyday use.

Dana Ngnyen - Milpitas, CA 

Muy interesante, muy practico y muy economica

Maria Ramirez Long Beach ,CA

What a brilliant hair tool! you can achieve unlimited Hairstyles in no time, and easy to use . There is no heat so it's great for your hair. Damage free! I would recommend for every client, and looking forward to mastering it.

Gary Gerard - San Fransico, CA

i am a hair stylist and love doing updos! This tool makes it so simple, and makes beautiful updos happen! I would use it for all my weddings and recommand for my clients to use at home.

Su Blackmun - Burlingame,CA 

- Customer Name, Position, Company

Newman, Forest Falls, CA

I just wanted to keep in touch with you because I just bought your product at the Long Beach Hair Show last weekend and I just think its such a brilliant idea. I do lots of styling and updos doing weddings ad events ad will definitely be incorporating this device on my client's hair. Anyway, please check out my website below. It's a little outdated but I have more pictures of my work. I would love to work with you i the future if you need help. Oh and if you ever come out with a new invention, please keep me posted. Thank you and it was nice meeting you! Genius Tool! So easy to use, it might put me out of a job unless i master it! fast and simple!

-Grace Ilasco, Burbank, CA

This is an excellent product, Love it.

-Aishe Khalid Huston, TX

I have 3 daughters 12, 6 and 5. All of whom have long hair. I’ve been using the Twistmaster to create fun and fashionable designs with their hair for school, for fun, and dressy occasions. The Twistmaster is quick and easy to use. It twists hair up into fancy hairstyles and is a safe way to curl hair. If one of my daughters wants curly hair for the day, I just sprits her hair with water, grab the Twistmaster, roll or twist her hair up, secure each section, and let it sit for a bit until it dries. When I take their hair down, its curly without being damaged. It’s safer than a curling iron, doesn’t use heat, doesn’t burn hair, and is portable. Before, when the girls asked me to style their hair before school, I often said “no, we don’t have time”. Now, when the girls ask me to style their hair before school I’m happy to do it and say “okay, how do you want it?”

Lora – Redwood City, CA

Me gusta porque es muy bueno

Billie - Irvine, CA

Amazing tool that works really great. makes work easier also saves time.

Vishwa nand - San Mateo, CA

Michael is true innovator. a fantastic tool saves time and creats beautiful result.

Boris Orbe - Fremont, CA

I am not very good at making fancy hairstyles . However, with this Twistmaster tool, I am able to make beautiful updo's that look proffesionally done. I absolutely love this tool beacouse of it's versitility as well as the fact that it dosen't damage my hair!

Ruza Radich - Belmont, CA

It's brillant, can"t wait to play with this new Toy!

Mollie Cummings - Fairfax, CA

Me gusto porque es muy facil de usar y puedes crear muchos estilos

Paloma - L.A CA

Fantastic curls it works wonderful..

Hugo - San Francisco, CA

Me gusta es perfecto y rapido. Reduce el tiempo para elaborar un peinado

Betty A - L.A, CA


Adrei -L.A CA

I love the technology of the "Twistmaster' and it givesmy hair the best styles!

Sandi - San Diego, CA

What a brilliant hair tool! you can achieve unlimied hair style in no time and easy to use3 there is no heat soo it is great for your hair and damage free. I would recommended for every client looking to forward to mastering it

Carol, San francisco, CA

Hola a mi me gusto muchho este producto para hacer painados es muy Facil, se los recominedo me gusta mucho muchoo..

Lorenza - San Diego, CA

I am international educator in the Caribean where is very hot, "Twisrtmaster" is an ideal tool intraduce in the Caribean.

Barbara - Chicago, IL

We love that very much. It help us to do the job very easy. Thank you Michael and see you next time.

Cindy Lang - Rosemead, CA

Great product ! Looking forward create beauty with it.

Lana T - San Fransisco, CA

Me gusta el estilo y la manera ya que hace mas facil y rapido el trabajo

Mona - Costa Mesa , CA

Amazing invention ! The best for long hair creations. Thank you Michael !!

Norma Lee - Los Angeles, CA

Such an amazing tool to use on your hair.

Veronica sillas - Duarte, CA

Me encanta, facil moderno y rapido, excelente para hacer peinados y verse bonita

Margarita - Corona, CA

Hi Really like it I think it will be a nice tool

Meri Viejo CA

Es fantastico muy interesante y muy practico, me fascino, muy bueno para los peinados, muchas gracias por hacerlo muy faqcil nuestrotrabajo. estoy encantada

Bertha Rieart - Riverside CA

- C Sylvia Estrella - Arleta, CA

Es practico, ligero y no quema o dana mi cabello. Me gusta usarlo para peinar mi cabello rapido y con estilo puedo hacerme cualquier painado para dia o ocaciones especiales

Claudia Garza -Pacifica, CA



I love this product. It's very light and easy to use . I didn;t think ther would be anything like this, but thank God for "Twistmaster" now I dont have to spend hours twisting hair with my hands when I can use the "Twistmaster"

Annie Chapanyan - Glendale, CA

Me gusta porque es facil de trabajar y no necesita calor , no quema el pelo

Adla Lopez -Whittiex , CA

I thinkt his is a brilliant invention. It is very people-friendly. and i am very satisfied with the results . This product gives. I like the twistmaster because it sparks creativity in me. I realize beautiful updo's can be acheived in a quick amount of time, and every one I have seen using this tool, So far has been happy.

April Mitchell - Bakersfield, CA

I love it easy and yet it looks like it took a long time. Not even 15 min<

Joelinda Gordon - Encinitas, CA

I love the tool. It's much easier and it can save you so much time.

Jaysel Ramos - Inglewood, CA

I am a hairstylist. I love working with "Twistmaster" I am very proud of Michael he creat nice and easy for every body and easy making money. God bless Michael.

Arpi Arakelian - Lancaster, CA 

Beautiful :) Love it! :)

MaryAnn Maleschu-Lake Forest, CA

Very Cool Idea!

Anonymous-Palm Desert, CA

Makes updos & doing your hair very fast and easy. Great product to do hairstyles for yourself, daughter, neice, and more!

Julie Vo - West Minester, CA

This product gives me the most beautiful hairstyles. I'm always in a rush so this tool is my time-saver! After using it for two weeks, I was able to comfortably work like a professonal.

Ann Vo - Los Angeles, CA

This product gives quick and easy styles in 20 minutes or less! Great for stylists doing fast paced updos!

Sydni-St.George, UT

What a great invention to save our wrists from pain.

Leanne-Fresno, CA

Very neat tool!

Linda-Vancover, BC Canada

Great keep you from so much distress from winding!

Cynthia Garden-LAs Vegas, NV

It's a great tool to either use on yourself or on a client. It requires no set up time no heat and can provide a variety of styles. It is worth the investment and saves you a lot of time and saves arms!

Jennifer T-San Fransico, CA

Excelent Idea.......Fantastic!!!!

Gilbert Febles-Miami, Florida

Injenious idea. How easy can they make it.

Adria-West Lake village, CA

I can't believe I got a wedding updo in 10 minutes!!! Amazing product. A must have for all hair stylists.

Dianna Galindez-Madera, CA

Excellente maquina!!

Sandra Cervantes , -Concord, CA

La La Love it! I want it might not need it but i definatley want it!

Desiree-Riverside, CA

Amazing tool love how it leaves no damage !

Paulyna Zamora - Long Beach, CA

It makes doing updo's easy with NO heat NO damage & create many updo's a day for very little time.

Sary Toun - Long Beach, CA

Very fun to use . The light weight of the tool makes it easy to use . Could use it all day.

Raileen - Los Angeles, CA

Me fascino el producto, no pense que exista algo asi tan practico

Ana Cevactes- San Leandro, CA

A good tool to have if you are going to be doing a lot of up-dos or all the cool uniqe styles.

Ariel B - Paso Robles, CA

Compre esta maquina porque es muy practica

Ray Garcia -San Diego, CA

Easy to use and saves time.

Nadia - Northridge, CA

Me parece espectacular porque no maltrata tu pelo, no estas usando un apinza caliente y es muy rapido para peinar tu pelo y haces cualquier peinado muy rapido

Martha Valencia -Rialto , CA

Great !! It is graet tool to have in the Salon & best of all it saves time !!

Joslen - Long Beach, CA

Was very nice to meet you God stillusing people with so much talent like you.

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