Don't have the
or money
for a trip to

the salon?

The Revolutionary Hair-Styling Tool

                Create elegant & casual hairstyles in minutes!

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$39.99 $69.99

Battery operated hair styling tool NO haet No Damage.

Easy like 1-2-3
From classic French Twist to Cone Rows and wild looks, sSexy Curls and more.

Ideal for:


  • Styling your owen hair.
  • Styling your friends hair.
  • Hair dressers who have carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Parents to use on kids.
  • Celebrity hair atyles. You save up to 60% of your time when using the Twistmaster.
  • 48 Assorted Black & Brown Bobby pins.
  • 12 Hair pins with beads.
  • 2 Attachments hook & fork.
  • 20 Silver colour hair clips.
  • Sectioning comb.
  • 48 Assorted rubber bands.
  • 4X AAA Batteries.
  • 1 Helpful hints DVD with more than 20 hair styles.



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